What are the new Google Pixel Buds?

Google Pixel buds are wireless earbuds that especially support google assistant and customizable fit. Google announced second-generation Pixel Bud has only available in the US since April 27th. We expecting new useful features from buds. There are a lot of high-end competitors in the same price range out there. The new generation google pixel buds seem to offer elegant design and high-quality sound. Google Pixel Buds now available in the UK.

Google Pixel Buds Ready to Serve!

The most important tool to use for daily life that you can use a handsfree google assistant with your buds. Just say “Hey Google” and the Google Assistant serve you whatever you wish or need, playing a song, playing a podcast, sending a text message, or translating. If you are familiar to use google home nest you will be like how you use buds. 

Pixel Buds handsfree google assistant
Image/Animation Credit: Google

From my experience, I like some music welcome me home but I only use one Google home mini in my home. It’s far away. I’m talking with google buds to play music from my Google Home Mini. Tada! My favorite pieces of music welcome to me home!

Mesmerizing Sound

The design of the Pixel Buds highly unique and suitable for all ear shapes. Buds take a really important advantage at this point. The eartips are softy seal the ear and isolate the noises from outside. That offers to us very clear phone calls and an Adaptive sound experience. Google Pixel Budd dynamically adjusts the sounds level depends on your environment.

Google Pixel Buds: Boring Technical Details

Tech news always may be boring but it’s very important for us. Pixel Buds easily connects Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets, and also iOS devices. If you use the Android 6.0+ devices you can connect your phone with only a single tap. Pixel Buds provide 5 hours of listening time with a single charge. By the way, the charging case supports up to 24 hours of extra power. Also, we don’t want to miss that part, you can control your buds with touching them.

Google Pixel Buds
Image/Animation Credit: Google

Pricing and Colors

Pixel Buds available £179/$179 from Google Shop at the moment. We can order only clearly white. However, you can join an almost black waiting list. We will see more colors in the following months.