Web Statistics and Analysis

Today as I logged into my GoDaddy account, which is rarely done since all web applications are done on WordPress, I noticed an alert on the top talking about their web stats program being retired soon.  I took this opportunity to talk about some other great sites and programs that can help you with obtaining information in regards to your sites statistics.

Web Statistics and Analysis


When you first install WordPress,  you’ll notice JetPack is a feature that is currently enabled and will ask you to sign in.  JetPack requires you to create an account on WordPress.com to link it to your existing website.  I currently use JetPack to filter commenting on Nerd&Tech and it is great for something so simple.  A function does exist to review the amount of traffic that is received by your website on a daily basis, however it is fairy simple and does not show too much detail about the visitors or if they are return visitors.  Jetpack also has numerous other features that can enable a richer experience on your website.

Google Analytics

First, let me start by saying I’ve only used this once, 2 years ago when I first started web development on Advance Step Marketing.  Back then, I was not aware of programs such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and all my sites were hand coded with HTML / CSS and JavaScript.  Anyone that understands web coding knows that’s a pain to individually code each website, one by one.  Google Analytics is a code that you place anywhere on the webpage to track information regarding how much traffic you have received.  It does take into consideration return visitors and where they came from and where they went.  If you’re apart of the Google eco-system, this is a great addition to your account.


Just before we started using CMS programs, we learned about this website that offers a very in-depth analysis of web traffic.  This, by far, is our favorite statistics program as it offers more than a number, it offers graphs and even a map to let you know where the visitor is coming from.  This helps a lot for marketing as you will know where your website has been popular.  It will also record information like, where this person came from (Facebook link, Google search, image search, etc) and what pages they reviewed before leaving your website.  Another benefit is that it will let you know precise information as to what Operating System they are using, MAC, Windows, iOS, Android, Palm, etc, and will combine that information with screen resolution as well.  This helps the web designer to make a website that caters to their viewers.

The statistics program you use should depend on what type of information you’re looking for.  If you just want a quick and easy chart of the amount of visitors per day, JetPack is great as it will display it to you directly on the dashboard