Things to Watch Out for When Charging Your Smartphones

Since we started to keep our smart phones apart from us, the most common problem we face is “running out of charge” quickly. Smartphones Charging is an art and we will make you an artist!

There are some things we can pay attention to to extend the battery life while charging our phones.

Well, do you know the mistakes you made while charging your smartphone? Today, we will share with you the mistakes and some tips when charging the phone.

We have gathered some important information you need to pay attention to while charging.

Things to Watch Out for When Charging Your Smartphones
Image by Hannes Edinger from Pixabay

Smartphones Charging Tips?

Try to charge your phone over 25%

Don’t expect it to drop below 25% to charge your phone. Charging below 25% to 100% reduces the capacity of the battery and shortens its lifetime.

Keep the charge level between 45% and 75%

Take care to keep your smartphones charged generally between 75% and 45%. It also has a top mode, but this is more ideal in everyday use.

Never fully charge the phone

Charging your phone’s battery from 100% to 25% will damage capacity and lifetime. In fact, charging 100% of any amount damages the battery.

Do not charge the phone while sleeping at night

Leaving the phone to charge at night will significantly reduce a phone’s battery life.

When charging the battery, take the smartphone out of the case

The batteries on the back of our phones can get very hot, especially in silicone cases. It causes your battery to become very hot constantly and consequently consumes its life in a shorter time.

Charging your smartphone in any charger that is suitable for its input

You should definitely take care to fill your smartphone with an original charger made specifically for it. Different models of chargers and sub-industry devices that appear compatible with your phone not only consume your battery life, but can also cause your battery to burn out, albeit at very low probability.

Keeping the phone charged while using applications that require high system power

Your smartphone, which heats itself up during charging, gets even more warm if applications that force the system are running. The heat generated, on the other hand, makes your battery cancer.

Charging with Powerbank devices uncertain

The use of power banks that are uncertain will not only affect your battery life, but will also leave you at risk of injury, although there is a slight chance.

When charging the phone, turn off the phone completely instead of putting it into airplane mode

It would be more functional to hang up the phone directly instead of putting it into airplane mode. Both the power consumption is seriously reduced and the battery life is a bit longer since the battery will be less heated.

Avoid charging with a broken or damaged USB cable.

Waves in the current can damage the phone. Failure to buy a new USB cable will probably result in losing a phone. You can buy any model USB cable for quality. Smartphones Charging is mostly up to USB cable.

Watch out for apps that claim to help the battery

Free battery monitoring apps can be useful for monitoring performance, but apps are also important at this point. Applications developed especially by unknown sources can download ads to the phone as well as forcing the battery.