Nintendo Switch Problems

Nintendo Switch Faults are the probes that you may encounter frequently. Nintendo Switch Lite can cause many software and user errors. You can do many of these problems on your own. You may need to contact the authorized service for many malfunctions. One of the most common problems is fan failure. How to fix Nintendo Switch fan failure?

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drift Issue

In JoyCons, which are the joysticks of your Nintendo Switch console, the analog part of the console spontaneously moves left or right in other directions! The most commonly used method in Joycon analog drift repair problems is to spray W40 and similar sprays into analog. It can solve this problem in a short time, but the problem may reappear even after 1 month. The main solution for this is the replacement of the joycon analog part. You need Y screwdriver and analog parts for this replacement, it will probably be non-original spare parts when you buy from analogs sold abroad, for analog replacement, and after taking you 2-3 months, the same problem may occur again.
So you can have it replaced with an original analog.

Nintendo Switch Problems

Nintendo Switch Charging Port fault

In fact, the charging socket does not malfunction immediately, but when the Nintendo Switch is plugged into the charger and drops it from our attachment, it can damage the charging socket inside the console and no longer charge it. If there is no damage to the motherboard, if the fuses of the device are not burned, you are lucky, you can change the charging socket of the device and solve the problem, of course it is very difficult to change the charging socket by yourself and it is a situation that only electronicists can understand. Even if only electronic electronics buy a device that is foreign, sometimes the problem is not solved by changing the charging socket, so you can get support for the Nintendo Switch console at

Nintendo Switch Fan Not Working

How to fix Nintendo Switch fan failure? The Switch does not turn on, there is no problem with the charging socket, but why? Another problem is the device’s fan failure! This malfunction is usually possible with the accumulation of dust accumulated in the fan over time, the fan loses its function and turns off the device when the fan does not perform the cooling task, when the fan you undertake this condition does not work, serious damage to the main board is required, so it must be intervened immediately. The fan can be cleaned and restarted, but if it does not work again, the fan of the device must be replaced.

Nintendo Switch Screen Cracked, Broken and Touch Screen Issues

The screen of the Nintendo Switch does not break easily, there is a touch screen in front of the screen, we think that when the touch screen is cracked or broken, the main screen is broken at the bottom, but we can only see that the touch screen is cracked and broken. If the touch screen is broken or cracked, you are still lucky because the replacement and price of the internal screen is unfortunately much higher.

If you cannot find a solution to such malfunctions, you can contact authorized services for Nintendo Switch Repair.