New Tech Gadgets 2020

Technology is more common. New tech gadgets 2020 and inventions release every other day. If you like to follow different inventions of devices, you will like that cherrypick article. We follow lots of different brands into tech but generally those devices in PC, Mobile, or gaming techs. This time we will focus on another topic of gadgets.

Solar-Powered Suntable Recharge Yourself with JBL Sound

Solar-Powered Suntable

Suntable is a new table with solar-powered, wireless charging, and 360-degree sound. You can leave the table outside without hesitation. You can charge this table in the sunlight. JBL speakers are 20 watts. Also, the speakers are splash-proof. 

X1 Explorer Bike, More Efficient More Fun

X1 Explorer Bike Colors
X1 Explorer Bike Colors

It’s a very efficient way to commuting with a bike and an e-scooter. But there is another way to beat the traffic. It’s the bike comfort but e-scooter size. X1 Explorer Bike has a multi-display and GPS tracking system. The range is up to 25 to 37 Miles. You speed up to 19-23 mph.

New Tech Gadgets 2020

AirZ Reusable Mask for Covid-19 joins New Tech Gadgets 2020 list

AirZ Reusable Mask for Covid-19
AirZ Reusable Mask for Covid-19

Covid-19 Breakdown affects our lives. We all use Mask and Faceshield for protecting each other. AirZ is the newly invented reusable mask for protection. AirZ has a professional 5-layer protective filter that is certified by an independent international laboratory to PFE & ASTM2101 standards. AirZ has a built-in fan that can bring fresh air to you. AirZ has micro USB for charging and switches for on and off.

Zero-Odor Self-Cleaning Smart Litter Box for Loved Ones

The future is here at the moment. Right now but for cats. With quiet robotic scoop arm and safety motion sensors “Circle Zero” is a game-changer for the space cats. You will never scoop again. Circle Zero waits 7 minutes to scoop after your cat safely leaves the space toilet. Of course, all odors won’t disappear. You need to clean once a week.

BARSYS 2.0 New generation Cocktail Bar

Barsys 2.0 is a smart automated cocktail-making machine from the Jetsons. Ehm. Ops not from there. It’s from the world. You download the app and you bartending yourself. Yes, that’s mean you don’t need to go to a pub or club anymore. Anyway we really like the idea but it’s a little bit limited features.

See you next week 🙂 If you want to follow new gadgets you can use indiegogo website for discover new inventor.