iPad 2020 review: budget tablet with six pack!

After Apple Watch S 6 update, we expect that update a long time. I still have all the iPad Air series. They still work very well for some purpose of use. However new iPad 2020 update has an A12 Bionic processor. It’s a cheap option but still a very powerful iPad for some users. Apple has announced the new iPad Air 2020 as well. But we will tech review for the entry-level iPad today.

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Affordable iPad 2020

The price wise the new iPad is affordable. I will be an honest processor wise it won’t be a perfect option for creatives. But great features come with the new iPad. Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support. That means an excellent option for those who want to study, watch Netflix, Casual Gaming, Daily Tasks, and Homeworks with some video conference in this Covid-19 days.

If you have 7th-gen-iPad you may not think update but if you have older versions of the iPad or if you are new in the Apple Ecosystem The 8th-gen iPad is a great opportunity to step into that era.

iPad 2020 Colors
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The design is the Same but Soul is much powerful

We will discuss design features for iPad Air but for classical iPad is a very similar design with her oldest sisters. The main button with Touch ID and the lightning port is the same. The iPad has an A12 Bionic Processor. That means a roughly 40% performance boost from the latest iPad.

If you add a new Smart Keyboard you should invest £159/$159. The keyboard is full size and very useful. It connects with a smart connector. Welcome to the Apple ecosystem all accessories and additionals works very smoothly.

Apple iPad 2020 Scribble
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The 8-megapixel camera on the read and 720p very classical FaceTime HD camera on the front is very defaulted Apple features a little bit disappointed us bit We can’t deny the price.

iPad 2020 Should you buy it or not?

The price wise Apple will definitely dominate the tablet market. All those features, A12 Bionic Chip, Pencil, Keyboard Features, and that price range are definitely a great opportunity. Stretch your budget today and save a minimum of five years.