iMac 2020 Refresh is coming

As we know Apple updated iMac with the latest processors and optional Vega graphics in 2019. Especially after WWDC 2020, all Apple fans expecting new hardware but Apple hasn’t announced a new device Apple Developer Conference. The new iMac could soon be here with better processors with other great improvements but not too soon for a new design and bigger screen design. 

The iconic all-in-one computer iMac expecting with the new iPad Pro design. The rumors tell us that new iMac will be giant iPad Pro. We haven’t known that yet but we can be sure it will be thinner and powerful.

iMac 2020 release date and price

We shouldn’t expect the new iMac before the end of 2020 or 2021. It’s hard to say without an official announcement and it hasn’t happened at WWDC 2020. However, we should check Apple’s calendar of past Apple announcements it maybe September or later on. We must underline the iMac Pro upgrade as well. If the rumors turn the reality Apple users want to iMac Pro upgrade as well. We can say that if Apple announces new iMac or iMac Pro this year we should wait for more hardware tech updates as well.

Currently, iMac prices starting with £1,049 21.5-inch iMac with Full HD screen, starting model. But if you stick with 4K you willing to pay £1,249/$1,299. 27-inch iMac with 5K Models starts from £1,749.00/$1,749.

iMac 2020 New Design

However, the exciting part of the rumors suggests that a 23-inch model is on the way in 2020. Apple focused the gaming market with the Apple Arcade. Silicon Valley waiting for to Apple invest gaming devices more than ever.

Apple has formed a really exciting relationship with developers like Sega, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros also Capcom. It affects desktop and tablet gaming in this decade. We believe apple launch a gaming desktop or laptop in the following years. Who knows, what happened if Apple invests the gaming industry more than ever? We sure about we will debate more Apple vs PC subject.