How to Delete and Reinstall Games on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch became the game console with a constantly shining star in 2017. Storage will become a problem as your game library grows with digital versions of games like Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda. With 32GB of internal memory, you will definitely need a microSD card. Even then, there may be a time when you cannot keep your entire digital collection on your Switch at once.

Fortunately, Switch allows you to delete and reinstall games you have purchased on your Nintendo account at any time, without the effect of saving your games data. Managing your switch library is extremely easy: here you can delete, archive and reinstall Nintendo Switch games.

How to delete and reinstall games on Nintendo Switch_

How to Delete Games on  Nintendo Switch ?

Deleting the software completely removes your Game data from your Key along with the game icon. If your game library is complicated and you don’t want to play the game again, this method is for you.

  • On the key home screen, select the “all software” icon on the far right of the game selection bar. If you know the game you want to delete and have played recently, you can select it directly from the home screen.
  • After choosing a game. Press the Options (+) button, then click “Manage Software”.
  • Choose “Delete Software” and confirm your choice.

How to Archive a Game on Nintendo Switch ?

The key has a secondary delete option called “archiving”, which leaves a game data deleted but leaves its icon in your library. Although it may leave your game library untidy, we recommend that you archive games instead of deleting them, considering that Switch’s relatively secret purchased library is not available on your console.

  • Repeat steps one and two above.
  • Select “Archive Software”.

How to Reinstall Deleted Games from Nintendo Switch ?

Switch does not include a large list of purchased games in its library, as you’ll find on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam. You will need to find it in Switch eShop to download the games again.

  • Go to eShop.
  • Go to your avatar in the top right corner of eShop.
  • Go to “Redownload” to check the list of deleted games suitable for reinstallation.
  • Just press A to start the download.

How to Start a Game on Nintendo Switch?

If you archived a game, you still need to reload it, but the process is more streamlined.

  • On your home screen or in the “All Software” section, hover over the archived game (there is a cloud download icon on the icons of the archived games).
  • Press A twice to download. So much.

How to Check Nintendo Switch Storage ?

Monitoring the switch’s storage area if you want to see which are the biggest storage criminals before you delete or archive, follow the steps below.

  • Go to “System Setting”.
  • Select “Data Management”.
  • Click on “Manage Software”. The software will be listed by file size.
  • Choose a game and choose whether you want to delete or archive it.

Alternatively, you can select “Quick Archive” in “Data Management” to archive multiple titles at once. This menu will also tell you which games you last played in each game to get a better idea of ​​what games you should consider removing from your Nintendo Switch Problems.