2020 iPhone Leaks

After 2020 iPhone Leaks, We all sure about Apple will announce the new iPhone very differently. After the new iOS beta release, all tech gurus expect more from Apple sides. Apple always investing the iPhone more than the other phone companies. After the last gossips, we may see a 5.4 inch iPhone 12. It means we should ready for a smaller iPhone this year. 

2020 iPhone Leaks
2020 iPhone Leaks – Image Credit: 9to5mac

Be Ready to Compact iPhone

The great Apple reporter 9to5Mac, we hear new gossips about 5.4 inches new iPhone. It evolves from iPhone SE 2 plans. I think the iPhone SE family plans are a great idea about the phone market. A Mighty small mobile device is really handy, useful and put your pocket and forget the phone. 

Popular YouTuber Filip Koroy, aka EverythingApplePro, has revealed that Apple’s new 5.4-inch iPhone. We saw the new iPhone will be a compact and powerful device in the market. After the last updates from Koroy, the new camera layout is “wrong”. 

iPhone 12 2020 Design Leak

Based on the 2020 iPhone Leaks, the new phone equip 5G technologies. Also, the price approach Apple takes a very good advantage in a lower price 5G phone market. Apple did the same with iPhone XR. They dominated the market.

iPhone 12 Display Zoom

We noticed one featured for the iPhone. Apple makes Display Zoom work for a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and only supported with iOS 14. I believe the new Zoom featured beaten up the smallest, hard to read problems from iPhone SE Family. Apple make its homework very well.

iPhone 2020 Display Zoom
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Based on new information, the New iPhone will have a 425ppi OLED screen display. I believe Apple approach iPhone line-up differently. I think they start to make changes but slowly. In the future, we will witness again, Apple changes the mobile market again.

2020 iPhone Leaks Camera

Doubts remain about their camera technologies. We might see a new advanced camera system in the iPhone 12 Pro. Stay tuned, We will deliver more stories from Apple sides.