Which League of Legends Champion are You?

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA game ever released by Riot. If you are a fan of League of Legends, you’ve likely wondered how you would handle this battle. Indeed, to help you out, we prepared a quiz for you. You can discover what you are made of and give you which champion you are inside.

How aggressive are you in the lane?


Do you like being alone in the lane or have a supporter?

alone in forest

Are you waiting to finish the money before you return base?

gold base

What keys do you use flash and ignite on?

ignite flash

Which league are you in?


Which League of Legends Champion You are?
Lee Sin

lee sin

You are fearless. Even if you like hanging out alone, you are with your friends when they are in trouble.


A true art lover. You have aesthetic concerns in every job you do.


You like making decisions alone. When you see a real opportunity, you evaluate it without consulting anyone.
Miss Fortune


Get ready for trouble. Those who see you as vulnerable from the outside will quickly realize that they are wrong.


You're a man of duty. Just tell you a job that needs to be done. No more details are needed.


Those who see their politeness as weaknesses are very wrong. You can burn worlds when you get angry.


A true noble. People are afraid to approach you out of your cold attitude and arrogance.