What is the Steam Points Shop?

We have prepared a detailed guide for you about this new feature added to Steam. With the functions of the system, the rewards we can win, new items to customize our account, Steam Points Shop!

What is the Steam Points Shop

What is the Steam Points Shop?

Steam Points Shop is a system that comes with 2020 Steam Summer Discounts. It is a useful system that is offered to us along with new personalization items, where we can earn rewards with our purchases from Steam stores. There is also no limited time for the Steam Points Shop. So from now on, Steam Points Shop will always be with us. So you can enjoy it. An item you receive in the Steam Points Shop is yours forever. There is no time limit. The only exception to this situation is the Golden Summer Profile. It can be used for a maximum of 30 days after receipt. Steam Points Shop items are personal. It is associated with your account and cannot be transferred to other accounts.

What are Steam Points?

Steam Points are a kind of currency that we will use within the Steam Points Shop. No other unit other than Steam Points is available in the Steam Points Shop. As a matter of fact, Steam Points cannot be purchased directly. When you add balance to the Steam Wallet, it cannot be earned. It is earned through spending on the Steam platform. For every $ 1 you spend, you earn 14 Steam Points. You also earn points for every game, DLC, hardware, app, album or in-game item you get.
As we mentioned above, Steam Points have no expiration date. Since Steam Points Shop will always be with us, Steam Points are always with us.

Let’s not go through the reminder. Your retrospective purchases have not been wasted! Your previous Steam purchases are back with Steam Points. In short, don’t be surprised when you see your Steam Points. Steam has given us Steam Points by calculating our previous purchases.

What are Steam Points For?

Steam Points usage areas are quite wide. Thousands of items welcome you as soon as you enter the Steam Points Shop. Since our previous purchases were uploaded as Steam Points, shopping has already started. You don’t have to spend your Steam Points only in the shop. If there is nothing you want in the Steam Points Shop, you can use your score to reward a user review that you find valuable. This award is publicly displayed in the review, and the author of the review earns Steam Points.

You can also use your Steam Points to reward other user-created content such as Workshop items, guides, screenshots, and videos. Steam mentioned that in the future, Steam Points will be expanded.

What are the Difference of Steam Points from Steam Collection Cards?

You can use your Steam Points to get phrases and profile backgrounds related to the games you own. The Steam Points system enriches the features of the Collection Cards system. This makes it accessible to more players. In addition to collecting and processing cards, the Steam Points system provides a different and more direct way to get these expressions and backgrounds.

Did Steam Collection Cards Over?

Steam Collection Cards are not used. Collection card collection and badge processing system still continues.

Steam offered us a useful system as of today. Especially after the recent breakthroughs of Epic Games Store, we saw a Steam that remained silent. In a way, he activated the Summer Discounts with a live program. It seems like we will wait a bit for the users’ opinions about the system, but in general, Steam seems to have launched a well thought out and useful program.