Undying: A New Survival Game

Those who love survival games gather around me. I will talk about a very different game that you cannot see in this genre; Undying. Don’t confuse the game with Clive Barker’s Undying here. We are considering a different production from this game, which was published in 2001 and was among the legends. Undying is being developed by Vanimals, a team based in Beijing, China. As its publisher, Skystone Games appears. We can say that the company, which previously appeared in a game called Spaceline Crew, played the right horse again. nerdandtech gathered information for you about this game.

Undying: A mother and son story among zombies

In the game, our main character Anling is a mother with a number of days from the zombie bite. She is doing her best in the world under this zombie invasion to survive. Besides, she also has to protect his son Cody. Before she turns into a zombie, she must pass on the survival skills to his son Cody. We have to collect food to avoid starving while playing with Anling character throughout the game. In addition, we can produce new tools with the materials we collect. We can also prolong the speed of Anling’s turn into a zombie with resources we can find. Players will try to survive as much as they can by using their resources correctly throughout the game. In this way, Cody will become much more capable to survive and her chances will increase in this mad world.

Other information about the game

The game attracted great attention when it participated in the E3 fair in 2019. The game, which participated in the Gamescom fair, which was organized later, also received positive feedback from the players. Undying, which will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation4, Xbox and Mobile, will be on the shelves in 2021.

Game Features

  • Top down survival game with real-time day / night cycle
  • Player generated world map
  • Rogue-like replayability
  • Beautiful low poly art-style
  • Dozens of NPCs to interact with
  • Emotional story about survival and letting go
  • Watch your son grow as your AI partner learns from you
  • Incredible soundtrack