Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

I really want to write what I want to say about this game in a good way, because I didn’t really see a game that affected me so much after Celeste and Assassins’s Creed: Origins. First of all I would like to thank my dear love, Cameron Monaghan. At first I was scared when he heard that one of the Hollywood actors would play the main character, but he was a tremendous voice actor. Cal Kestis — that is, Cameron- who voiced everything that she was living in as if she was living in it, has really done a great job. It was an interesting start, but I apologize that I could not mention Cameron.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

You probably already understood this in the trailer of the game, but it is still useful to write. Jedi Fallen Order takes place in the most exciting time neglected by movies. You are in the role of Cal Kestis, who survived “Order 66” in the game and has been living in exile, the scrap planet Bracca. One day, when he uses his force (Force) to save a friend, the Imperial organization still looking for the last remaining Jedi realizes this. Cal is rescued at the last minute by the Rebellion organization and embarks on a mysterious quest to restore the Jedi order. In this mysterious quest, he tries to uncover the mysteries in Ancient temples.

First of all, we are confronted with a mixture of Assassins’s Creed, Ori and the Blind Forest and Soulsborne. “What is Ori about here?” I am aware of what you said, but I really like some mechanics of the game overly similar to the mechanics in Ori, especially the mechanics we did with ivy seemed very similar to me, of course this is my own opinion. If you ask why I said Assassin’s Creed, the track mechanics are very similar to me. If anyone among you has played Titanfall 2, Respawn has put the friction mechanics on this wall too, so while EA really gives this project to Respawn, “I don’t get involved anymore.” He said officially. If you ask why I said Soulsborne (i.e. Dark Souls, Bloodborne), I will explain a little more below, but in summary: Combat system.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Combat System

With a third-person view, you fight on different planets of the Star Wars universe. The combat system is based on the Soulsborne series, as I mentioned above: Blocking, Parrying and Avoiding. It depends on the level of difficulty, but often it will not make sense to go to war against a multi-person group. At the time of death, our main character Cal loses all unused experience points and is born back where he last meditated (doing the same function as Bonfire in Dark Souls meditation mechanics). But don’t worry, it is possible to regain your lost experience points, which is to find and kill the person who murdered you – yes, it’s a bit of an awful situation. The game is definitely in the meditation zone right before critical battle zones, but it is in your hands to use it sensibly. We have 2 options in meditation mechanics, rest and spend your skill points. The critical thing in meditation is that if you click the rest button in your meditation zone, all the monsters you have killed before – storm troopers, etc. – come back to where you killed. This difficulty varies depending on the option, but I do not click on the rest option unless I feel overly necessary because I play at high difficulty because the game really makes you suffer when you return to your ship just because you used that mechanic.

baby yoda

Fallen Order BD-1

The game is also cute or cute, you encounter a droid that will help you almost anywhere in the game: BD-1. Telling the story of BD-1 can be a huge spoiler for you, so let me tell you directly what help this tiny droid did to us. It allows you to scan all the mysterious areas you encounter in the game, heal yourself, repair broken doors, open your treasure chests and, of course, most importantly, you can control your minimap completely from this Droid. Also, one of the great features of BD-1 is this: If you fail to solve a puzzle in the game, BD-1 will try to help you solve that puzzle after a while. I said it works because when the BD-1 wants to help you, you also have the option to refuse help. In addition, there are treasure chests and improvements special to BD-1 on all the planets we visit. Of course, finding them will become a pain for you, but you get two good rewards in return. One of them is the Stim Canister chests (i.e. pots that heal you). When we first meet BD-1, we have a total of three (3) particles of Stim Canister, each time we find a Stim Canister chest, it can have another healing pot. The other one is BD-1 mechanical improvements that will help you progress in the game, we can find them again on the planets we find Stim Canister chests. These BD-1 improvements are easier to find than other chests, but of course it’s up to your sharp eyes because if you just look at a flat spot and find them, it will be impossible for you to find them. To put it briefly, I sacrifice my life for BD-1, for me now BD-1 is the same value as Baby Yoda.

Cal Kestis

Let’s talk about Cal Kestis’s cosmetics aside from BD-1: You can reach Cal’s cosmetics in general from treasure chests, cosmetics generally include Cal’s Pancho, normal uniform and Lightsaber coatings. The variety is pretty much for Lightsaber coatings, but I can’t say the same for Poncho and Uniform. Poncho designs are all the same, the only difference of other ponchos is their colors. Of course, I will not score points due to the low cosmetics of the game. Other than that, you have options such as changing the color of BD-1, changing the color of Mantis (your ship).

First of all, I am not an extreme Star Wars fan, but I have not fallen back enough to understand the references in the game. As a Jedi force, we can also see who is using it or what is happening there by focusing on a particular object. With this mechanic, you can have the chance to anticipate what you will encounter, or you can witness Star Wars media references. To say this, there are a lot of submissions in the game, and one of these submissions is: I have the high ground – I hope everyone remembered it -. This reference can sometimes change as “He has the high ground”, depending on who is at the top and who is at the bottom – please don’t joke from this sentence. Apart from that, Clone Wars is mentioned in almost every part of the game. You are witnessing the remains of Clone Wars in the world of the game, these references did not have much effect for me, but of course it is nice to have such details for someone who watches Clone Wars.

Although there is not much variety – a very normal situation according to the subject of the game – we have Force skills. First of all, you start the game with only one Force skill, but don’t worry, you can have new Force skills depending on your progress in the game. I don’t want to give much information about this “Force” because it contains a lot of spoilers. Also, I’m not going to say that, because what you do with Lightsaber is so free that it makes the game’s combat system perfect. Sometimes you have a cinematic scene in the combats you are dealing with and it officially moves this game from the Star Wars universe to the Soulsborne universe, and you can compare it to the Fatality in Mortal Kombat. It was a very satisfying experience for me to throw your Lightsaber into a storm trooper, or to throw people you fight with a simple Force skill off the cliff. So no matter how much I describe the combat system of this game, it will be more useful for you to play, see or watch. Of course, bosses can use all of what I say against you, so you should be careful.

Speaking of the graphics of the game. I was a little surprised when I saw that the game was with Unreal Engine in the first show because most of the single-player games published by Electronic Arts are made with the Frostbite engine. Re spawn has done an excellent job in this game with Unreal Engine 4, and the graphics seem to be a masterpiece in every region of the game. The landscape of the game is very diverse in terms of geography and design. Re spawn has done a tremendous job in terms of diversity, with lush forests, mysterious temples, icy underground caves, Imperial bases, and beyond. I hope the developers did not draw too much workforce while making this game. Because the game is made in a short time and looks so great, it seems scary in terms of work force.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS4

In addition to experiencing some deterioration of the textures that appeared during the game, I experienced occasional slowing and lag while loading new areas and costumes. Fortunately, none of these problems cooled me down a bit. Unfortunately, the game has not been fully optimized, but you are experiencing these FPS drops in crowded or open areas in general. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about the FPS drop when you’re inside caves, dungeons, and temples – at least that’s not a problem for me. As far as I have seen so far, PS4 players have suffered the most, then Xbox and finally PC players. Interestingly, the best optimized version of the game is now on PC and this is generally the opposite.

Oh let me not forget, the character designs in the game are very diverse and I am sure that you will fall in love with all of them. I am generally in love with the villains in Star Wars, not only because of their understanding in the Empire, but until now, there has never been someone I have fallen so much in my life.

I can not even write before I conclude that it was a really sad situation for me that the Game Awards could not participate in the Game Awards because of the absurd excuse. No, it was “too late”, the game was released exactly 1 week after Death Stranding came out and its beta was played well before that. This game definitely deserved the game of the year award, and it was officially absurd that it couldn’t even attend the event for a fake reason.

Final Review

Anyway, let’s come to the conclusion: With the game combat system, the masterpiece atmosphere, the chilling theme, the emotional moments and the excellent innovative Star Wars characters, I comfortably entered the top 5 in the best games I have played. The game of course has problems, such as the lack of fast travel system, optimisation problem or graphics disruptions, but this has never spoiled my enjoyment in the game. Because the game affects the depths of your soul, your sense of being uncomfortable with these problems is lost. This article was much more wrong than my other articles because it was really hard for me to write this game. I think you should definitely taste this game with your own eyes, but then you will understand all that I feel.