Neversong is a new two-dimensional (2D) platform game created by Serenity Forge and Atmos Games. The game created by Thomas Brush, attracts attention with its atmosphere and innovative game mechanics. As of May 20, Neversong became playable on platforms like Apple Arcade and Steam. It is also expected to be released soon for platforms like Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Neversong is about Peet’s adventure of searching for his girlfriend, when you wake up without coma. Neversong comes with different language options. These languages are English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Neversong Apple Arcade

Neversong became available on the Apple Arcade platform from May 1, 2020. Eversong received many positive reviews and ratings from Apple Arcade users. With a sale price of $ 4.99, Apple Arcade deserves a chance for users. Neversong is expected to hit many different console platforms in the near future.

Neversong Gameplay

Upon waking from a coma, Peet’s girlfriend is nowhere to be found. Pinstripe creator Thomas Brush invites you to investigate the screams coming from the heart of Blackfork Asylum, the increasingly violent behavior of the grown-ups, and the strange truth about Peet’s past in this hauntingly dreamlike fable. Discover what’s lurking beyond the doorbell in this strange tale that started almost a decade ago.

  • From Red Wind Field to the haunting halls of Blackfork Asylum, explore six moody, illustrative levels.

  • Fight your way through hordes of bosses, monsters, and blood thirsty grown-ups with your trusty baseball bat.

  • Immerse yourself in a breathtaking piano-centric soundtrack.

  • Join your quirky child-hood pals and trusty pet bird on an adventure to discover the truth about your recent coma.

We think it is a game not to be missed for users who want to have fun with different platform support. You can access Neversong and Thomas Bruhs’s social media accounts here. TwitterFacebookYouTube