League of Legends Wild Rift

We must say the League of Legends dominated the last decade with unavoidable MOBA by Riot. We all gamers start to ask, Why we still expecting great games from Riot? Maybe this time will be a breakdown point, we need to ask the correct question. League of Legends Wild Rift looks promising for the mobile gaming industry. Lots of the other’s MOBA games already in the market place. We should accept the reality that lots of mobile MOBA games inspired by League of Legends. I have spent my nights with LOL like every other gamer. The idea of playing Annie on the mobile, it’s hauled off me.

Wild Rift Ezreal - League of Legends Wild Rift

Warm Welcome From Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift Logo

This means League of Legends coming for mobile and also console. Mobile game play is very similar to play console. Considerably I am an old school MOBA player who can’t be thinking of the MOBA on the console. I am not judgemental but the Wild Rift won’t be a new breath for the console.

However, it’s a friendly game-play respected story in your pocket now. What does it mean? You don’t need to be stuck on your chair from now on. It’s a plain answer. You can play LOL everywhere. Whenever you go it comes with you. 

Wild Rift Annie
Wild Rift Annie

League of Legends Wild Rift Heroes

We can select familiar 40 heroes at the beginning. Some of them are familiar heroes you’ve already known from the LOL universe. The Dark Child Annie from Bilgewater. Annie is my favorite child wizard with enormous power. From Ancient Shurimathe Curator of the Sands Nasus. The Card Master, Twisting Fate.  Those are my favorites but the thing is lots of friendly thumb-friendly casting heroes coming with the first release.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift

When is League of Legends: Wild Rift coming out?

The game will be release in 2020 for iOS and Android platforms. You can also pre-register on Google Play. 

is Wild Rift cross-platform with Desktop/Console?

Thankfully No. Both games are the same but different. You can play 5v5 MOBA gameplay core, you will be playing the almost same game. Playing the Mobile and Desktop LoL cross-platform may be damage competitive integrity.

You can keep up official news from Riot.