How can you play Football Manager more Enjoyable?

Football Manager is one of the best Football manager games that we love to play. FM has always been a few steps ahead, although Fifa and PES have managed the manager mode.More detailed game dynamics allow you to play a more dominant game on the team of your choice with the opportunity to intervene more. Thanks to these features, it allows you to make more interest and more internal choices with your team.We would also like to inform you about a few different scenarios to make the FM series more exciting for you.

How can you play Football Manager more Enjoyable

Journeyman Mod

First of all, this trend started by Football Manager channels such as DoctorBenjy FM and Loki Doki, which are followed closely on youtube all over the world, is very popular in recent years. With the Journeyman mode, you get the role of a traveling man. At the beginning of the game, you choose your personal characteristics and your coaching degree at the lowest level and start the game unemployed. When choosing leagues at the beginning of the game, you select even the lowest leagues of the worst leagues. And so to speak, you are going door to door and getting ready for your first management experience. It is absolutely necessary to run a team in the hearts of many FM players, albeit for a day. As you play in this game, as you do in real life, the pleasure you get from the game increases as you start to upgrade your career without license and increase your undergraduate degree to pluses. And as your career grows, you start traveling to other countries and better leagues.

There are two reasons why we show DoctorBenjy and Loki Doki as examples. These two FM lovers do not only view the game as a game, but the scenarios prepare a very nice presentation for the audience. While DoctorBenjy draws attention with its press conferences, phone calls and news programs, Loki Doki takes his experience to a higher level by researching the team he will start on Google Earth and researching the rental prices there until the house prices. You can also color your career in this way.

Playing with Teams Whose has Historical Story

In our Football Manager careers, most of us are always making a career by choosing the teams we own. In these periods when you start losing your excitement in your game, if your career has had great success in the past, running teams looking for their old days may increase your excitement again. Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Leeds United, Pro Vercelli (Italy Serie C), Milan, Inter, FC Magdeburg (3rd place in Germany), Gimnastic Tarragona are the teams that can lead your career. You can look at the founding years of the clubs and the cup museum, find the teams that suit you and return them to their old days.

Compete with Big Teams

Almost all of the biggest leagues in Europe have teams anchored in the championship. Juventus in Italy, PSG in France, Bayern in Germany, Manchester City in England, Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain do not easily leave the championship to other teams. You can increase your game excitement by opening careers in these leagues and trying to end the hegemony of these teams in the long term. But never forget that this is a tough road. Because the economic situation of these teams, who are used to the championship for a long time, is also very good. If you cannot do it in the first year, do not give up and head towards achieving this goal in the long run.

From Bottom to Top

One of the favorite challenges of Football Manager enthusiasts is to take a team from the lower leagues and raise it to the top. Whether you are taking the small team of your region or a team looking for old days from the lower league and to the top, this contribution is a very nice experience for FM lovers. If you choose this career, you can make yourself little challenges. To rise to the top league within 3 years, to appear in the champions league within 5 years, to be a team that has raised a trophy in Europe within 10 years. If you set goals for yourself, the game will become more competitive for you and you will start enjoying more. In line with your goals, you will become the legend of the club, your stadiums will be given your name, and the number of players who want to work with you on the world will increase day by day.

Youth Potion

One of the most important features that make Football Manager valuable for us is young players. The chest of all of us swelled when it contributed to the development of a young player and brought it to the world market. But this time try something different. During the seasons you play, try to lower the average age of your team every year. Today, the Portuguese and Dutch teams are building their teams in this direction. It is very easy for young people to talk to a mature and mature team. It is very difficult to raise inexperienced young people as characters and turn them into a world-famous star, where in-team competition is high. We know that player skills and potentials are at a certain level in FM, but keep in mind that these features that we see in the editor can change as players play. In this career mode, it will increase your commitment to the game for you to build a team that is set up from 11 under the age of 21 in at least 10 games in a season, to install at least 3 players from the infrastructure every year, to draw only the infrastructure connected without transferring for 2 or 3 years. how many suggestions.