Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai

Combining many different genres, Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai managed to attract the attention of the players. Release date for the game didn’t announced yet. Closed beta will be released in late August. 1k people already added the game to the wish list. When the game is completed, it will be able to be played on PC, macOS and Linux. However, there is no information yet on whether there will be a mobile version of the game. The game will be release by MythEgg Studios. This is the company’s first game for now. Progressing as a one-man show, the company seems to grow confidently. It is also nice to have such a good job done by a Turkish indie game producer. nerdandtech gathered information about this hidden gem.


What is waiting for us in Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai?

Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai is a fantasy survival strategy game set in Feudal Japan. Construct your town, gather resources, explore new lands, trade with other cities and defend your town against the risen Yokai threat!

Key Features:

Build your town from ground up with various building types and decorations.

Attract people with randomized traits to your town.

Grow various fruits and vegetables, chop wood, mine shiny ores, take care of animals and fish.

Build a ship and explore the world, trade with other cities, fight pirates and monsters.

Train various soldiers with unique abilities.

Clear the dungeon from enemies, find new ores to mine, discover treasures.

Gain research points and use them to learn new abilities or improve existing ones.

Recent Developments About The Game

It is now away from the Chinese culture breeze, which is felt much more during the development of the game. Especially building architectures and ship designs have turned mostly to Japanese features during the feudal period. Besides, 4 different monks added to the game, players will be able to use the powers of the elements with them. Players will grow their kingdoms during the day and have to protect their castles and people for the Yokai threat rising at night. You can gain more information about game at Steam.