Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Review

Farm Bubbles is a good alternative for those who are tired of playing the same mobile games. The game actually shares the same logic as other balloon shooting games. However, thanks to visuality and level design, it gives players an unforgettable experience. One of the most popular features is that the game gets harder and balanced as you level up. In addition, story that revolves around farm animals, it also has a educational side especially for children. Thanks to this game, children can learn colors and recognize animals. Currently there are over 1000 levels. New levels are coming every week. Since these sections are all hand-made, they are designed by experts for maximum entertainment. We can see Narcade company in the producer seat of the game.

Great Fun for All Ages

Recently, parents have been looking for fun and educational games for their children. Considering that children are playing with smart devices every day, the importance of mobile games becomes apparent here. Farm Bubbles is among the free mobile games. In this way, families can entertain their children for free. Besides, the game is not only designed for children. During the day, people of all age groups can play to have a good time. The fact that the game is free is a huge advantage. If you become a member with Facebook, you can continue where you left off, even if you delete and reinstall the game. In addition, the game automatically saves your progress each time you level up. Thus, when you encounter situations such as running out of charge, you do not have progress save problems. Due to the addiction of the game, your charge will be abundant, let us warn you in this regard.

Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Game Download

You can play Farm Bubbles different mobile devices. IOS and Android devices come first. Meanwhile, if youre looking for the best Android games of 2020, read this roundup. It is also possible to play the game through the Amazon FireOS. You can start the game without requiring membership. But you also have the opportunity to login quickly with facebook. If you login this way, you also gain extra stars. The game offers you boosters in levels that you cannot pass. You can get them by watching advertise videos. This game is not a bubble shotter game by the way. It is also a very good logical development game.

Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Pop
Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Pop
Developer: Narcade
Price: Free+

When we look at the other works of Narcade company, we see that it generally has games with logiacal puzzles. Games such as the company Trick Me and Zipline are based on physical puzzles. Players can thus exercise their mind during the day.

Narcade is growing steadily

Narcade has been working in mobile applications since it was founded in 2011. Istanbul, Turkey origin company with young staff is outstanding. Farm Bubbles is the firm’s flagship. Besides, it teaches anatomy knowledge in a pleasant way with games like The company is known for its new investments. It will succeed in attracting attention for many years with its world-famous games.