Doodle Dash By Ghostfall_Studios

New kid in the neighborhood is Chicago-based Ghostfall_Studios. They took part in Indie game market with a project called Doodle Dash. “We believe games should be creative, artistic, but most of all fun.” the company says. Their first game based on what they say. The team is not just people. “ Lapua the cat” are also included in the final credits as part of the team. Doodle Dash, will be released in November 2020, can be played on Android and IOS devices. As nerdandtech, we had a chance to play the game’s beta. Let’s see what awaits us in this game.

” A lighthearted infinity runner Platformer: Doodle Dash”

This is how Ghostfall_Studios outlines Doodle Dash. We play as a stick figure in the game. We try to overcome the difficulties that we encounter in a hand-drawn world by either jumping or sliding. While doing these, the game does not progress steadily. We can encounter different biomes and different events. Sometimes we wear our helmets and run inside the caves. Sometimes we run under the heavy rain with an umbrella in our hands. Every biome and every event has different challenges. For example, we have to escape from stalactites in the cave area. In rainy weather, we need to stay away from fires caused by falling lightning strikes. These biomes come randomly every time you start the game.

Game Features

Players will be able to play the game for free via IOS and Android. In addition, there are also features that can be purchased in the game. As they can get extra lives, they can get the magnet and get the coins to come to them. For now, there is no information about dressing our stick figure. But it can be quite nice if they bring this with purchases for the game. If you click on the right part of the screen, you can jump and slide on the left side. It is up to you to choose how to avoid the dangers. We still have no idea how we can escape from the spitting camel. Besides, other features of the game are as follows;

  • Hand-drawn animations
  • 9 different randomly generated biomes and more to come
  • Each biome has its own set of dangers and requires a different play style to escape unscathed
  • Complete challenges to advance levels and beat your own record
  • Gather coins to purchase power ups
  • Simple controls: Tap on the right to jump or double jump over obstacles. Tap on the left to slide under dangers