CS GO Source 2

CS GO Source 2 was developed to replace the game engine Source engine developed by Valve. Source 2 was first introduced with Dota 2 in 2015. The Dota 2 Reborn update brought with it new interface, new graphics and as much optimization as possible, and Valve introduced it as a rebirth. Valve also used this engine in Artifact, Dota Underlords and Half-Life Alyx games.

Source 2, which is expected to come for CS GO recently, is expected to change the game from the beginning.

CS GO Source 2

CS GO Source 2 Release Date

Right now, almost all game news sources are reporting that this update will come soon, but we do not have any exact information yet. The only thing certain is that the update will be released this summer and will remain in the beta process for a long time. It is said that the beta process can take up to 1 year because the engine of the game will change completely and it will be quite a game with it.

As a result, even if Source 2 is out today, it will be a long time before competitive matches are thrown.

What are CS GO Source 2 Changes?

Professional e-athletes have a lot of knowledge about this subject because they are in contact with Valve as a result of their career.

As an e-sportsman says, when the CS GO Source 2 update comes, there will be serious changes in the in-game lighting, but there will be no graphical changes directly in the maps in the game. Source 2 will show itself more clearly on new maps to come to the game.

Does CS GO Source 2 drop FPS?

The update to the game has been tried by Dota 2 before, it was seen that it had a good performance later on, although there were fps problems in the game at first. Since Soruce 2 will have plenty of optimization, your FPS value will either remain the same or increase. We do not think it will fall.