Best Android Games

With the expansion of the smartphone market in recent years, the mobile game industry has been on the rise. In this race, led by iOS and Android operating systems, many big and small companies compete to get a share of the cake. With the development of the smartphone industry, many phone manufacturers started to produce high-performance products. Phones used only for calling years ago are now able to run games produced for many game consoles. This development in the sector seems to continue unabated. When it comes to mobile games, Android is the largest market. The Best Android Games are becoming one of the most search titles.

Best Android Games

Best Android Games 2020

Call of Duty Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift appear to be the leading games for Android this year. The rapid growth of the mobile game industry in 2020 continues. Also, Diablo Immortal is expected to be among the Best Android Games 2020 later this year.

Best Android Games Offline

There is a wide variety of game options that you can play on your Android phones. You can play a game that is produced in almost every field and is very enjoyable. In some cases, however, internet access may not be available. In these cases, there are quite good offline games that you can play. One of them, Minecraft Pocket Edition, is shown among Best Android Games Offline.

Best Android Games

Best Android Games with Controller

Playing Android games with GamePad support is almost like game console quality. It supports many game joysticks on Google Play Store. Thanks to Best Android Games with Controller, it will take your gaming quality one step further.

Best Android Games to Play with Friends

Mobile games are now everywhere in our lives. We want to enjoy mobile games on the road, at home, even with my friends. You can have a good time with Best Android Games to Play with Friends.

Best Android Games for Kids

Children’s indulgence with smartphones and tablets can sometimes be more than adults. Mobile games, which are specially prepared for children in any case, are important for both intelligence development and physical development of children. In fact, instead of removing Best Android Games for Kids, it is necessary to direct children to more efficient and educational games.

Best Android Games Free

It has always been difficult to find both free and high quality android games. Mobile games have come a long way since the snake game on older phones. Today, the graphics have gotten much better and there are also many games that you can play with your friends online. Best of all it’s Best Android Games Free.

Best Android Games by Genre

There are many Android games to have a good time. These games differ according to their types. The mobile game world has created many different game genres for us. We have listed them for you. You can choose the most suitable type for yourself. For those who love tower defense games, it gives an opportunity to try many other Best Android Games by Genre.

Best Android Games

Best Tower Defense Games Android

Of all game genres, Tower Defense is one of the oldest genres on mobile phones that satisfy many users. The reason Tower Defense game is so popular among Android users is that it gives actions, strategies and some stress. So, in this article, we will share information about the Best Tower Defense Games Android.

Best Android Puzzle Games

Best Android Puzzle Games are one of the most ideal and comfortable categories to play on mobile devices. The reason for this is that you can play the game with short touches on the touch screen and have the chance to play for a short time wherever you are. Also, being fun is another plus.

Best Android Strategy Games

Strategy games have become a popular genre now on mobile as well as on PC. We can even say that they have enjoyed the strategy on PC with increasingly detailed maps, stories and graphics.

Mobile games are no longer known and limited to platforms, because developers are now making the best console-quality mobile games for mobile devices. If you desire something more challenging than Candy Crush, we recommend checking out our list of Best Android Strategy Games.

Best RPG Games Android

RPG games are for you if you want to leave the complex line of real life and move to the world of strong characters and stories. The role-playing games preferred by many players for their story flow and beautiful atmosphere have also made their mark on mobile versions. Role-playing games are a popular game genre and effect on computer and console platforms, and also show their impact on the mobile platform. Of course, even though computers and consoles offer us a superior gaming experience, having our smartphones with us at any time is one of the unique advantages of the mobile platform. Best RPG Games Android for you.

Best Android Games

Best Survival Games Android

Human beings instinctively want to survive like other creatures. During this time, it works to meet basic needs such as food and beverage shelter. Game companies produce games in the style of living in primitive or harsh environments in order to make people feel again in this instinct. These games are very popular today. Here is Best Survival Games Android for you.

Best Multiplayer Android Games

Online multiplayer game modes have also become common in modern mobile games. You can team up or compete against anyone anywhere in the world. However, if you are not connected to the internet or want to play with your real friends, you need local multiplayer mobile games instead. Here are the best local Best Multiplayer Android Games that can be played on Android.

Best Idle Games Android

Android is arguably the operating system of most phones and appeals to most tablet and phone users. In this regard, we want to spend time on our devices to relieve your boredom and to relieve stress. After a while we get bored on websites and social networks and we want to play games. We have listed Best Idle Games Android for you as we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy most games and download and try them all.