Why the Game of Thrones Finale Sucked?

Game of Thrones is a fantastic work by HBO adapted from the “a Song of Ice and Fire” books. That books published by George R.R. Martin in 1996. I do not use the word fantastic to express its beauty. We are talking about a fantastic work in the literal sense of the word. The book had a significant readership when it was released as a series in 2011. When it was adapted as HBO series, it could not be prevented and it became a phenomenon that everyone spoke about. We all know the characters of the show more or less. Because during this time, we had a time when everyone produced fan theories or supported a house based on their favorite characters. Game of Thrones Finale is still a moot point for fans.

1.8 Million Signatures for Game of Thrones Finale Remake

This 8-year long journey made its final with the sixth episode of the eighth season in May 2019. This season, which left a strange taste in the mouths of many of the viewers, was smashed because of not meeting the expectations. The 1.5 million signatures collected on Change.org for the re-make of the last season. I think that’s enough to explain what a great disappointment we are talking about. So what happened? Where and how did the series lose its magic? I wrote this article to examine what happened to Game of Thrones.

First of all, this is not going to be a book-series comparison. Because the two are very different universes. Most of the characters in the book have not been transferred to the series. Instead of it multiple characters have been merged to one character. Sometimes new characters were created that were not meant for the series universe; perhaps the most surprising example is the Night King. In fact, there is another character with this name in the book, but it is not remotely related to what we see in the series. This badass we saw leadering White Walkers for 8 seasons actually does not exist in books. Due to differences like these, let’s continue without entering the book universe.

” I am still in the writing stage, I couldn’t finish on schedule”

Until the sixth season of the series, series screenwriters was able to proceed through Martin’s books. Because, already published books could be scripted and presented to the broadcast. But whatever happened, the storm broke out in season seven and eight. Since the screenwriters no longer had any source material, they continued to write the characters and the events as much as they understood. But they did not understand well. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the scriptwriters and producers of the show. According to a rumour, when they knock on Martin’s door for the first time, he says, “I am still in the writing stage, I couldn’t finish on schedule”, and these two talk about the end in their minds. The author said, “Heh, I was going to do just that, you read my mind” he allows the series to be shot.

For a writer whose books he has written for years, who have not received enough attention, such a proposal is a situation that he will jump in anyway. While accepting to some extent the weirdness that started in the seventh season, we could no longer stand the absurdities of the eighth season. If you remember, season seven also had strange temporal problems. We had some oddities such as the sudden arrival of the raven sent from the Wall to Dragonstone, and Dany’s jump on his dragon in two minutes.

“There are a lot of fantastic elements in the series” the screenwriters said in the seventh season for situations like this. “Time is not something to be thoughtful about” they made a statement. At that point, as the geek community, a huge “Alas!” we said. After that, they spread this mindset throughout the eighth season.

Players Were Paid $ 1 Million per Episode

The eighth season offered us a space where we could find answers to the crazy questions in our minds and where the knot of character development over the years would break. However, they narrowed their hands by restricting themselves for no reason. While HBO pressured the producers to make 10 episodes, Benioff and Weiss said, “We’ll do it for six episodes, no panic.” The duo, who thought that they could explain their story by taking the episodes a little longer than usual, unfortunately could not do that much. The decision to keep this season short is huge, with the actors getting almost $ 1 million per episode each.

We finally saw the Long Winter that had been expected for years to come. It would be a lie to say we saw it, because the Battle of Winterfell was remembered with its darkness and mud-quality appearance. The episode’s cinematographer Fabien Wagner said, “Most of the problems are caused by a lot of people not knowing how to tune their TVs properly” which was a great explanation. Thank you, Wagner. It has been a month since we bought this devil invention TV. We still haven’t figured it out, how they fit tiny people in the box!

Game of Thrones Finale Biggest Surprise: Death of the Night King

Aside from the image quality of the episode, Night King’s death was so funny. We still have no idea what the problem is with Bran or what’s wrong with other survivors. A statement was made about his scourge with Bran, such as “The Night King’s internet history was Bran so he wants to erase from him,” but it was not very satisfactory. He stabbed to death by Arya. Okay, we were all surprised, but was there a need for this action just to be surprised? We’d be surprised if he stabbed by one of Varys’ little birds. The scriptwriters said, “We thought that whichever character killed the King of the Night would surprise the audience more, and we decided on Arya” was quite absurd.

Character with no Lines Except “She is my queen”

It didn’t make any sense to learn that Jon is Targerian. He had no other line than saying “She is my queen” this season. He did nothing to take the his rightful throne. On top of that, we don’t even understand why he was sent to the Wall. They sent the true owner of the throne to the Wall because the Gray Worm wanted it. It was a spectacular situation that Daenerys expected to go crazy, but we couldn’t understand why she was crazy. Although the death of his best friend Missandei seems like a just cause, this is a problem with Cersei. Why she decided to burn the innocent people after this incident is still a mystery.

Didn’t Dany Promise Yara Greyjoy Her Independence?

It was not understandable that they put a character such as Jamie with a tremendous character development into absurd situations at the last minute. Why were they fighting with Euron Greyjoy, who brought his dick at every opportunity and put it in the middle of the conversation? The fact that Euron, who killed a huge dragon, was so happy that killed Jamie left unanswered questions in the minds. The death of Cersei under the brick – which, if you look carefully at the final part, would have lived if 2 steps to the right – was absurd.

The meeting, which started as Tyrion’s trial and was decided to be Bran as the king, was the last nail in the coffin of the series. When Bran, who refused to accept the Lordship of Winterfell, was offered to be king, his crispy grin saying “Why did I come all the way” was again nothing more than the screenwriters’ effort to surprise. Another funny thing at this meeting is that Sansa engaged in Starkexit and everyone welcomed it perfectly. Before Dany died, she had promised Yara Greyjoy independence. The Iron Islanders have always been free-spirited. However, Yara Greyjoy did not raise this issue.

Game of Thrones Finale Left a Scar in Our Hearts

I’m not even talking about the drinks bottle incidents that were forgotten in the scenes. It was evidence of how seriously the series actors took the finale. Game of Thrones Finale, has left a scar in our hearts. But it will not put aside all the pleasant times we have spent. After all, it is one of the rare works that a fantastic universe can reach so many people. As one of the pioneers of this genre it opened the door for many TV series to follow. For example, Amazon rolled up its sleeves to shoot The Lord of the Rings series.

Game of Thrones will continue to live in our minds as a pleasant sound in the past. Series joined the caravan of TV series like Lost, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother that could not make a successful finale.