What we know about Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda suddenly entered our lives and became everyone’s lover. Even people who have nothing to do with the series besides the Star Wars fans cannot be indifferent to this sweetness. What is known about this little one that we encounter everywhere on social media is very little for now. Actually, his name is not even a Baby Yoda. The character named The child in The Mandolarian series gave the people who love this name. It is very normal to win this name with his big black eyes, furry little ears and tiny green body. So who is Baby Yoda actually? Is he as cute as he looks or is he a character we should be afraid of? Does it have a connection with Yoda or just looks like it? Nerdandtech crew investigated those questions for you.

Actually Who?

The character is thought to be of the same race as Yoda. The problem we come across here is that we don’t know much about Yoda’s species. George Lucas was never willing to provide information on this topic. That’s why this field has always been filled by fan theories. Apart from Yoda, the only character we know of the same species is Yaddle. This race, which is known to have a great tendency towards Force, is also famous for living too long. Baby Yoda, is now called The Child even though he is 50 years old. Considering that Yoda died at the age of 900, it is very normal to be named this way.

In an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger, he said he knows the character’s real name but would never share it. He also added that the audience will learn this very soon. Until then, we will still call him Baby Yoda.

What are the Powers of Baby Yoda?

As far as we can see in the series, Baby Yoda can lift objects with Force. We have also seen that he can do Force-choke maneuver like Darth Vader. In addition, we witnessed that he can heal wounds by simply touching it. It is still a secret what the character’s full powers are, but they will all emerge as the series progresses Disney+. The task given to The Mandalorian character was to go and find the Baby Yoda and bring it back, but even a bounty hunter was helpless against his cuteness. He is currently fathering him and protecting him from dangers.

Finally, if we look at a few other things we know about;

  • very good at hide and seek
  • frogs are snack for him
  • loves to play with the ship’s controls when mando’s not looking.