The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

“The Umbrella Academy”, aka Hargreeves Siblings, has become one of Netflix’s most popular works. Series returned with all his quirks, haunted troubles, extraordinary and enormous fun. Our detailed comments and review about the 2nd Season episodes of the series with you!

In its first season, in 1989, we watched the stories of seven “siblings” at their academy. Each of whom was born on the same day and adopted by a mysterious billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreaves. He called them as The Umbrella Academy.

At the end of the first season, Vanya (Ellen Page) was bringing the end of the world by blowing up the moon. Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) did his best to remedy this situation. However, Number Five, which we know has problems with time travel, brings with it a small problem. He separated the entire Hargreaves family from each other in different time periods. In the new season, the series preserves the original seven which we already love very much. In addition, very successful new faces are also added. Ritu Arya (Lila), Yusuf Gatewood (Raymond Chestnut), Marin Ireland (Sissy) and The Swedes are just a few of them.

The new season, broadcast on Netflix on July 31, 2020, consists of 10 episodes of 50 minutes. Adapted from the comic book of the same name, written by former My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way, and illustrator Gabriel Ba. The series approaches more comic book lines this season compared to the first season. But in the first season, it also manages to preserve its features that delight millions of fans. It has been a very satisfying season with features such as watching the dynamics in the family born into problems, acting, music, different life stories and the retro structure of 1960s Dallas.

Lives of the Umbrella Academy Members in Dallas

Our characters find themselves scattered across different time zones in Dallas. Finally, when Number Five returns to the past, he falls into the middle of a Russian – American war. In this war in which nuclear weapons are used, the world is going through doom again. Number Five has few days to save the world from this future. Thanks to the information he gets from old friend Hazel, he makes a plan for how to stop the apocalypse. Gather the Hargreaves, prevent apocalypse and return home. But plans and lives of The Umbrella Academy members have already progressed in a different direction.

Luther (Tom Hopper) continues his life as the right-hand man of organized crime leader Jack Ruby, who later became famous by killing Lee Harvey Oswald. In the first season, Luther’s character development and philosophy include pleasing his father and being ready to do whatever it takes to bring the family together. Even though he escapes the influence of his father during his years in Dallas, he finds a new father (authority) figure to follow. This time he chooses to stay under Ruby’s wing.

Diego (David Castañeda) is in pursuit of being a hero, as well explained last season. He is obsessed with stopping the Kennedy assassination even though he knows it can have huge effects on the timeline. But trying to do this, he finds himself in a mental hospital.

Klaus and Ben’s Strange Relationship

Klaus (Robert Sheehan), with the help of the ghost of his brother Ben (Justin H. Min), who has been with him for years, establishes a kind of “cheerful individuals” cult that spreads all over the country. Even around the world. He is seen as a prophet by this sect.

A much more difficult and unpleasant picture awaits Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) when she arrives in Dallas as a black woman in the 1960s. Having to confront America’s dark past of Jim Crow laws; She married Raymond, whom he met here while participating in the civil rights movement. In this way, the series shows us the same dark environment of the violence and racism used against the people of African American origin in America even now. It also reflects the importance of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement with the resistance of Allison and his community.

The youngest ones to return to the past are Vanya, which found themselves in 1963, and then Number Five (Five). Vanya, who somehow lost her memory, moves in with Sissy (Marin Ireland) and her family, who hit her with her car, and starts to live and take care of housework. Vanya, who also babysits Sissy and his wife Carl’s son, Harlan, soon begins a romantic relationship with Sissy. Doomsday is triggered as a result of Carl’s learning of this “forbidden” relationship, which happened unexpectedly in the series.

The Colossal Combination of Diversity and Wealth: Storytelling

As the episodes progress, we realize that the series is not left with another “time travel” story. In this season shaped by the gathering of the team, persuasion of the Five, and their past / future, we see that each character’s life and, plus, personality development come together in a tremendous narrative. In this and the richness of stories to be told, none of them definitely catch our eye. Giving his narrative and what he will add to us, he retreats from our eyes. It seems that even these stories, which are almost assimilated, have preferences and respect for our audience. They do their best to ensure that we don’t break with the story and the family. They create a quality structure by creating thin thin columns throughout the season.

Behind these “story personalities” are Sir Reginald Hargreaves, whom we know, and his past life. There is also the emotional trio The Swedes with the relationship of brand new characters Lila and her mother. In addition, A.J. who lives in a glass jar integrated into the human body. The presence of a goldfish named and the chairman of the commission easily make itself accepted by us. Thus, the series happily preserves all its strangeness.

A New Timeline Adds To The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episodes

Preferring to be away from comic book stories and mechanics in the first season, the production succeeded in providing a more fluent narrative by leaning more on the comic book in the second season. This is not only noticeable in watching, but also reflected in the relationship of the siblings in a remarkable way. Vanya’s learning to control her powers and being accepted by her siblings, etc. It’s been a new season that easily knocked off the first season in terms of staying away from a single focus with relationship developments, gathering and zooming the entire Hargreeves family on a dance floor. The Umbrella Academy, which is different from other comic book series and movies, manages to give us the fun and characters we want in the most magnificent way and times.

This production, which reminds us a lot of the Scott Pilgrim adaptation; Although it stands before us with his subjects such as time travel, living together with death, being in a troubled family, what it wants is not to seek logic and accuracy in these details. The series, with its structure that sometimes does not even take itself seriously, allows us to have fun and spend a good few hours by showing our way through the richness of subject / story. Although we can easily put the series into Netflix’s recent not very high budget and adaptation plan as a definition, we put it in a separate position due to the fact that the comics and narratives it is based on have gained our attention and appreciation. The Umbrella Academy, which has proven itself with its second season, has been very nice for us with this season!