Netflix’s Dark: Season 3 Finale Explained

Netflix’s first German-made series Dark came with its final season on June 27. The series that started broadcasting in 2017 attracted great attention. Although the complicated scenario, the hard-to-follow story is sometimes exhausting, we found answers to all the questions with the finale. Thanks to the 3rd season, which consists of 8 episodes, many questions have been answered since the first episode. In this German town of Winden, where children mysteriously disappear every 33 years, the series deals with time travel and parallel universes, telling the complex relations of the town residents. Although the finale of the series completely clarified the story, we wrote this article for those who still have question marks in their minds. The rest of the article contains plenty of spoilers.

Tannhaus – Sic Mundus Connection

H.G. Tannhaus who wrote A Journey Through Time and also caused the formation of different universes. Tannhaus is an inventor who has spent years on the subject of time travel. He obsesses this issue after his son, bride and grandson die. On the other hand, time travel in the Tannhaus family is a subject that has been explored for years. When adult Jonas went to 1888 with Magnus, Franzeska and Bartosz, they stayed at the Tannhaus Foundry. The old Tannhaus owner is aware of the time passengers and helps them as much as possible. In addition, Sic Mundus has a large share in its establishment. A photograph of Sic Mundus members with H.G. Another detail is to be found in Tannhaus.

Death of Bartosz

A murder that we saw at the beginning of the second season appeared in the final season. In 1921, we did not know the identity of the person killed by Noah during the cave excavations. However, as far as we learned in the final season, the person killed was Bartosz, who was stuck in the past. At this point, another point to be considered is Noah actually killing his father here. Because one of the children of Bartosz and Silja is Noah and the other is Agnes.

Murder in the Lake

They talked about the ghost of a woman who was murdered in the lake years ago when the children had fun in the lake together in the second season. We thought it was a story they were telling here to scare each other. But with season 3, we saw that the woman who was killed there was Katharina, who went back in the past. He even fell on the neck of Katharina, who was killed by her mother. Christopher’s necklace also caught our eye on this scene. Years later Jonas would find the necklace in the sand and give it to Martha. There was also an abortion that Katharina’s mother had done before. Here Katharina’s “mother” comes closer to her, making her think her child is haunting her.

The Unknown

This character, whose name is not revealed in the series, was born of Jonas and Martha. We can say that these friends who traveled as 3 people were quite disturbing. When we examine family ties, we see that Tronte was born from the association of The Unknown and Agnes. So the Nielsen family comes out. Everything was entangled due to the existence of the Nielsen family. While Mads, one of Tronte’s children, was kidnapped and killed, Ulrich had survived. Mikkel, Martha and Magnus were born from Ulrich’s marriage to Katharina. Considering that Mikkel is the father of Jonas, all the problems were actually caused by The Unknown and his Nielsen family.

The Main Universe in Dark

In Dark, Adam and Eva represent two opponents who strive for different purposes in an infinite loop; Sic Mundus and Erit Lux. They never throw back within their aims. When it is possible, people can kill, when it is possible, they even kidnap children. We saw that even Noah, who was presented to us as the villain in the first season, was a toy between the two. In order to break this endless cycle, Claudia, who finally realized everything, needs to help Adam.

Unlike their own universe, explaining that it is a main universe, Claudia explains that they need to intervene in that universe in order for everything to improve. H. G. When Tannhaus’s son, bride and granddaughter prevent the traffic accident, the inventor never tries to build a time machine. In this way, the universes of Jonas and Martha do not occur. They don’t even exist at all. Jonas and Martha can break the eternal cycle in this way, as the time stops for a few seconds when the God fragment is active, passing through the cave and going to the main universe. At this point, it is useful to mention the 33-year event. We saw that this event, which was treated as a magical mystical event in the first seasons in the series, is actually the half-life of the item that makes time travel possible.

Dark: Aftermath

In the final scene of Dark, we see that a group of people have dinner together; Katharina Albers, Hannah Krüger, Torben Wöller, Bernadette Wöller, Peter Doppler, and Regina Tiedemann. These characters are people who can survive without the Nielsen family. Because of this, their lives are shaped differently. Hannah is married to Torben because Mikkels never existed. Katharina is still single because she is not married to Ulrich. At this point we learn that Regina’s father is Bernd Doppler. Considering the age difference between Claudia and Bernd is a surprising afair.

During meal, Hannah talks about seeing a “déjà vu“. “It was just dark and it was never light again,” says Hannah. “And the weird thing is … that it felt really good. For everything to be over. Like suddenly being free of everything. No wants. No needs. Unending darkness. No yesterday. No today. No tomorrow. Nothing.” What she’s talking about is actually what happened to Jonas and Martha.