Details About Christopher Nolan’s New Movie Tenet Revealed

A brand new movie comes from successful director Christopher Nolan this summer; Tenet. We know director Christopher Nolan for marvelous movies like Memento, Prestige, Interstellar, Black Knight and Inception. The director, who managed rave reviews from the audience with his previous works, seems to be will come back with another mind blowing movie. There is still not much information about Tenet. While we thought that we could reach some information with their published trailers, we were more confused. In addition, the release date of the film is constantly delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The last announced date is August 12, 2020, but it is very likely that this date will change again. So what do we know about this movie that will be good for us all these days when we are bored around the world? nerdandtech gathered all information that leaked. Let’s take a look together.

What Does Tenet Mean?

Tenet means a fundamental belief, especially in a religious or philosophical doctrine. However, exactly where the movie got its name remains unclear. It is possible to have a character name rather than a word that makes sense. The man we see in trailer and possibly someone who is authorized says: “ Tenet will open the right doors as well as the wrong doors.” Based on this, we can say: Tenet enables communication with the future. However, when this is done, malicious people can also benefit from it. It is clearly explained in this scene that Tenet is not a time travel. “No, it’s not time travel. Inversion” Tenet is the job of reversing the flow of time. We do not know how to do this, but we see the results clearly. For example, you can see that the waves we see right at the beginning of the trailer flow backwards. So the temporal flow is reversed. We see the same event on the highway scene. The time is running in reverse for the car overturning.

” There are people in the future who needs us”

“There are people in the future who needs us.” says old Indian woman in trailer. We can foresee that she knows what she called Tenet anyway. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Tenet is not a kind of invention or machine that scientists invented and no one is aware of. Maybe this woman realized the existence of extraordinary places where the past and the future are intertwined, and the system called Tenet started with her discovery.

Tenet: Cast and Release Date

Tenet has a high quality cast, such as John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Micheal Caine. The name that attracted attention in the cast was Robert Pattinson. The performance of the successful actor who is preparing to become the new face of Batman with The Batman movie next year, is eagerly awaited. Unlike Nolan’s other sci-fi movies, this time he doesn’t work with Hans Zimmer. Instead, he chose Ludwing Gransson . Hans Zimmer’s success in film music is indisputable. However, it should not be forgotten that Gransson won the Oscar for Black Panther in the best soundtrack. The movie, was initially slated to arrive in theaters on July 17, but was later postponed until July 31. Now, it will be released on Aug 12.