5 Complicated Relationships Between Superheroes

There have always been romantic relationships between superheroes. However, there are some that the relationship between them is both attractive and highly volatile. Here in this post, we take five superhero couples with ups and downs in romantic relationships. These include toxic relationships such as between Joker and Harley Quinn. There are also stories of those who love but cannot get together, as between black widow and hulk.

Mary Jane & Peter Parker

Peter Parker and Mary Jane, one of the most popular couple in the superhero world. They have both the strongest and the most fragile romantic relationships. The relationship of Peter Parker & Mary Jane couple has been handled in parallel universes and has been told to us many times. The Mary Jane and Spider-man relationship has been handled in many different universes. All of these were interesting, as well as having major problems in themselves.

From the Spider-Man animated series and the Sam Raimi movies to the Into the Spider-Verse animated movie to the Marvel’s Spider-Man console game, there were always problems in this relationship. Of course, the contribution of Peter Parker to being Spider-Man should be great; the relationship between the two has always been complicated and uneven. In addition, the two-sided life of the Peter Parker and the “I am self-sufficient” attitude of Mary Jane have always made this relationship more colorful.

Catwoman & Batman

The romance between Batman and Catwoman has always been exciting, although their relationship is not very healthy. Especially in Batman: The Animated Series, this romance, the chase between Batman and Catwoman, the level relationship between these two who came together in a way but never ended very romantic. Although Batman was attracted to Catwoman and turned a blind eye to her as a supervillain. Catwoman’s unexpected reactions against Batman, kicked in the stomach and all the oddities always happened. This complicated relationship of love and hate between them may be one of the most contrasting yet attractive relationships in the superhero world.

Black Widow & Hulk

If our topic is Black Widow and Hulk, we can talk about a “out of chemistry” relationship in the literal sense of the word. As you know, it is obvious how balanced Hulk’s chemistry. Although Black Widow did her best to appease him; Our green giant can sometimes rule neither self nor relationships. The color of the relationship arises from this imbalance. Aside from her relationship with the doctor banner, whenever black widow encounters hulk, unexpected results occur. In the moments when Hulk suppressed the character of Bruce Banner and had an anger crisis; An example of this is when Black Widow strives to relieve this anger. Black Widow, I guess wouldn’t be wrong to call it Hulk’s soft belly.

Pepper Pots & Tony Stark

The relationships between superheros Tony Stark and Pepper Potts seems quite normal when compared to other superheroes. We are faced with all kinds of confrontation, confusion of emotions and sometimes love that covers all of them, between the two individuals who are sane and whose age is violated. It is a relationship that tells that a relationship in which opposites and common aspects can coexist. They can receive support when necessary, despite all kinds of discussions and problems that can be experienced in this short journey of life. Even though we occasionally come across scenes of women rescued by the hero that we see in Hollywood movies, it’s really enjoyable to watch their relationship with Pepper Potts, the only person who can endure a man like Tony Stark.

Strangest Relationships Between Superheros: Harley Quinn & Joker

One of the strangest relationships between superheroes is undoubtedly the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn. The endless disagreement between them, the Joker’s distant and humiliating attitude towards Harley Quinn, and Harley Quinn’s ambition for the Joker have always been intriguing. The Harley Quinn series also tells this relationship in a very fun and sarcastic language. Seeing how Harley can burn worlds when she gets angry with the Joker and watching the Joker’s ceaseless effort to get to the top really makes this duo a favorite for people. In addition to the couple relationship between them, they are also rival villains, which makes this couple so interesting. Relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn; the weirdest romantic relationship you’ll ever see, with fights, frenetic ups and downs and countless problems.